Dental Implants in Lahore

Dental Implants are the state of art treatment option to replace one or multiple missing teeth in the Oral cavity.
Placing a dental implant is a two-stage surgical procedure, in the first stage, the implant itself (known as a fixture) is placed into the missing tooth region of the oral cavity and in the second stage, the healing abutment is placed over the implant fixture which is then loaded with a crown fabricated in the lab.

According to the latest researches, an implant is proven to have the best prognosis amongst all available treatment options like bridges and removable dentures as it preserves the bone. Unlike bridges, for implants, we do not have to grind the healthy tooth structure of adjacent teeth or face bone loss over some time.

At teeth and gums, we have been providing predictable dental implant services to our patients for the last 12 years with our team of certified implantologists. We assure the safety and longevity of our procedures by following strict cross-infection control and principles of implant dentistry.

At Teeth and Gums, we not only take full responsibility for all the implants placed at our practice but also give 6 months guarantee for the implants that have been placed by our doctors.

Our Cases

Our Cases

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