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Dental Veneer is a paper-thin layer of porcelain or lithium
Di-silicate that bonds permanently to the enamel surface of your teeth. Typically Veneers are advised to patients suffering from malposed, stained, or chipped teeth. Veneers are custom-made thin Coverings that change the shape, shade, and angulation of your teeth resulting in an aesthetically appealing and natural smile.

Researches have shown that people with improper smile line face lack self-confidence hence triggering social anxiety. Veneers being stained resistant not only protect your smile from excessive consumption of coffee, smoking, or eating pigmented food but also allows you to be a vibrant social butterfly by maintaining the integrity of your smile for the rest of your life.

Cosmetic dentistry cases at Teeth and Gums are customized to the facial profile and Personality of the patient, which enables us to deliver perfect veneers in Lahore treatment to give you a more natural-looking smile. We offer top class Smile makeover in Lahore with the help of our latest techniques and tools. 

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How Veneers changed on of our patient’s life?

3 years ago a patient came to our practice with a condition called amelogenesis imperfecta, She had improper enamel formation and she had these brown stains and lines on her teeth. Having lived with this condition for her entire life, she had very little hope for a major change in her smile. We decided to give her veneers as she was getting married so she could smile confidently and there was nothing holding her back. It so amazing how we were able to achieve what we desired and change her life forever. It’s been 3 years now and this is what she has to say about her experience

‘’For last 9 years I wanted to improve my smile, I visited more than ten dentists in Lahore for consultations and opinions in these years, but couldnt get satisfied. A month ago I found Teeth & Gums online while searching for a good cosmetic dentist, when I visited Teeth and Gums I was happy to see the professionalism. Their team seemed properly trained and professional.  I always wanted the minimally invasive procedure, most of the previous dentists I visited were advising crowns, here I was given all the options that we had for a smile makeover including Lumineers, and was informed about the pros and cons of each treatment option. We selected veneering for my case, I was scared initially about the outcome of the result as my entire smile was about to change.

Alhamdulillah now I’m very happy and satisfied with my veneers. I am glad that I selected Teeth and Gums this is all because of immense hard work of Dr Saqib and the entire team of Teeth and Gums, THANKS A LOT for all the efforts that you guys have put into my case. Hats off to you guy’’

How Do Dental Veneers Work?

If you really want dental veneers, you’ll see your dentist three times: once for a consultation, once in the fabrication of the veneers, and once for application. Veneers can be placed to a single tooth or a group of teeth at the same time. You’ll have to describe what kind of result you desire before the dentist prepares your teeth and makes veneers for them. During your initial appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth and determine if dental veneers are suitable for you. It is indeed likely that your dentist will take imprints of your teeth and mouth, and also dental X-rays.

Your dentist will remove around 1/2 millimeter of enamel from the surface of your tooth to condition this for a veneer. Your dentist can determine and even ask you if you really want a local anesthetic to numb the region while trimming the enamel. The next goal is to construct an imprint or replica of your tooth. The model would be sent to a dental laboratory, where it’ll be utilized to create your veneer. In a week or two, the laboratory will deliver the veneer.

Securing the dental veneer to your teeth

Before securely cementing the dental veneer to your tooth, your dentist will temporarily put it on your tooth to verify that this really fits properly and that the color is appropriate. Your dentist may replace and trim the veneer a few thoroughly to achieve it fits properly. The cement could be used by your dentist to change the color of the veneer to your natural teeth. The dentist will next clean, polish, and etched your teeth to roughen them up and make sure a robust transition process.

The veneer will be applied to your teeth using special cement and placed by your dentist. After the veneer has also been properly placed on your tooth, special laser energy would be used to activate the chemicals in the cement, causing it to solidify fast. Excess cement would be removed in the last steps, your bite will be evaluated, and any final changes to your veneer would be made as needed.

Dental Veneer Procedure

A dental veneer typically requires three visits to the dentist: one for a consultation and two for the fabrication and implantation of the veneers. A single tooth or a group of teeth could be veneered at the very same time.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

You’ll inform your dentist what other kind of result you’re looking for. During this visit, your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure whether dental veneers are the right choice for you, as well as discuss the procedure and its limitations. They may take X-rays of your mouth and teeth and possibly make impressions of either.


Before securely cementing the veneer to your tooth, your dentist will put it on your tooth to examine its fit and colour, removing and cutting this as required to get the proper fit. The colour of the veneer can be altered based on the type of cement used. Then, your tooth would be cleansed, cleaned, and imprinted in preparation for the veneer.

Etching roughens the surface of teeth to aid in the bonding process. After applying a specific cement to the veneer, it is placed on your tooth. Your dentist will flash a specialized laser light on the veneer once it has been properly positioned to activate chemicals in the cement, making it to solidify incredibly quickly. Remove any excess cement, verify your bite, and make the appropriate modifications in the final phases. Your dentist may ask you to return in a few weeks for a follow-up appointment to examine your gums and the implantation of the veneer.

Dental Veneer Cost

The cost of veneers varies based on where you reside throughout the nation and how much treatment you want to be done. The cost per tooth ranges from 50k to 90k on average. Insurance typically doesn’t really pay the expense. Check with your dental insurance provider to also be sure.

Dental Veneer Alternatives

Bondings and crowns are two veneer alternatives. Veneers are good middle ground. If you wish to change the form of your teeth something more than a little bit, as with bonding, but still not enough to necessitate a crown, veneers may well be the best alternative.

The Advantages of Veneers

For a number of reasons, porcelain veneers are indeed an excellent dental treatment. For instance, veneers still provide teeth with a natural shape, but they also help gums to accept porcelain. Furthermore, veneers resist stains even better than natural teeth, guaranteeing that your smile stays brilliant and stain-free. Moreover, the color of porcelain veneers may be easily changed to match the color of the teeth around them. However, veneers have some disadvantages too though. First and foremost, the procedure is permanent, and if they chip or fracture, they could be difficult to repair.

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